Legislation in the 81st Legislative Session we support:

  • SJR7: The “new Question 1” will align the powers and duties of the Nevada Board of Regents with NRS language already enacted into law, while providing clarity on their role and oversight responsibilities, without taking away their elected status. The joint resolution would mandate a biennium citizen audit to ensure tax payer dollars are being spent accordingly with their mission. The question will have to pass the Legislature again in 2023 before going on the ballot in 2024. 


  • AB450: Would create a committee to come up with a plan before the 2023 Legislative Session to support our community colleges in their mission of workforce development. Any plan would require legislative approval and would need to demonstrate how their missions align with the needs of our business community when it comes to workforce development and training. Areas of study include governance, funding, and best practices. 

  • AB416: this bill would require a legislative audit of the budget under the Nevada System of Higher Education as it relates to metrics of fiscal compliance and performance before the 2023 Legislative Session starting with Fiscal Years 2014-2015 through 2021-2022. 


  • SB 287: Land grant status codification for UNR, UNLV, and DRI. This will clarify that all 3 universities and research institutions qualify for land grant status as provided by the federal government. In addition, the legislation asks the Chancellor to come up with a plan prior to the 2023 session on future management of the Nevada Cooperative Extension. 

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