Frequently Asked Questions

Will any of the legislation raise my taxes?

No. Instead, all of our proposals will increase accountability of the tax dollars already allocated to our colleges and universities. In the midst of the pandemic, instead of tightening their belts like the rest of us, the Board of Regents and NSHE continue to hand out multimillion dollar contracts to consultants and new administrators, while putting the costs on the backs of students by raising tuitions and fees. 


Isn’t the Board of Regents supposed to oversee higher education policy?  

Yes! But they are continually plagued by scandal and either unable or unwilling to accept that too much of our tax dollars never make it to the classroom. Board members are elected to 6-year terms and poll after poll shows they are the least known elected officials in the state. Our structure for overseeing higher education in Nevada is outdated and ripe with abuse.


Ok, ok, but how will this make Nevada and our workforce better?

First, it will ensure our public dollars go to where it belongs: the classroom. Second, it will rein in abuses and wasteful spending on consultants and overpaid administrators. Third, it will realign incentives and priorities so students, scholars, and diversifying our workforce come first, not last.

Will this help individual institutions of higher education?  

Whether you consider yourself a member of the UNR Wolfpack, UNLV Rebels, CSN Coyotes, GCG Bighorns, WNC Wildcats, NSC Scorpions, or the TMCC Lizards, the reforms we support will significantly help our colleges and universities by giving them more autonomy and dollars for the classroom. We are about good governance and helping all of our institutions across the state.

Will there still be an elected Board of Regents if all of the reforms are passed?  

Yes. Our goal is to make higher education in our state more accountable to the public.  

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