Advisory Board

Advisory Board Individual Members who supported Question 1:

Bill Noonan, Former Business Leader

Carlos Fernandez, UNLV Alumni

Chet Burton, Former NSHE Chief Financial Officer

Churchill County Commissioner Harry "Bus" Scharmann, Community Leader 

Steve Wolfson, Clark County District Attorney

Duncan Lee, Community Leader

Dr. Carol Lucey, Former President of Western Nevada College

Dr. John Adlish, Former Community College Dean

Dr. John Gwaltney, Former President of Truckee Meadows Community College

Dr. Michael Chang, Former UNLV Faculty and current Engineering Student

Dylan Keith, UNR Alumni

Gina Bongiovi, Community Leader

Glenn Christenson, Community Leader

Hon. Danny Thompson, Former Nevada Assemblyman (D)

Hon. Elliot Anderson, Former Nevada Assemblyman (D)

Hon. John Ellison, Nevada Assemblyman (R)

Hon. Jim Wheeler, Nevada Assemblyman (R)

Hon. Joyce Woodhouse, Nevada State Senator (D)

Hon. Warren Hardy, Former Nevada State Senator (R)

Hugh Anderson, Business Executive

John Nolan, UNR Faculty

Joshua Zerbel, Current Pre-Medical UNLV Student

Kimi Cole, Community Leader

Madonna Long, Nevada Disability Coalition

Mayor Daniel J. Corona, Mayor of West Wendover 

Mayor Debra March, Mayor of Henderson and former UNLV Administration

Mayor Ken Tedford, Mayor of Fallon

Miles Dickson, Community Leader

Olivia Cheche, Student Leader

Peter Guzman, Latin Chamber of Commerce

Randi Thompson, Community and Business Leader

Ray Bacon, Nevada Manufacturers Association

Rich McCann, Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers

Robert "Bobby" Ellis,  Community Leader

Scott Huber, Community College Faculty

Sean Stewart, Nevada Contractors Association

Tim Cashman, Business Executive

Tom Burns, Business Executive and Chairman of the Vegas Chamber

Tom Kaplan, Business Executive

Vanessa Booth,  Student Leader

Advisory Board Organizations who supported Question1:

Battle Born Progress

Building and Construction Trades Council of Northern Nevada
Building and Construction Trades Council of Southern Nevada

Clark County Education Association (CCEA)

Culinary Workers Union Local 226

Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN)

Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce

Latin Chamber of Commerce Nevada, Inc. 

National Federation of Independent Business - Nevada

Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers

Nevada Contractors Association

Nevada State AFL-CIO

Professional Fire Fighters of Nevada

Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada

Retail Association of Nevada

SEIU Local 1107

The Council for a Better Nevada

The Vegas Chamber

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